The Olive Press Ltd

The Olive Press is a company based in Wairarapa with shareholders including local olive growers. We have been pressing olives since 2001 using a large centrifugal olive press imported from Florence, Italy.

The Olive Press will accept fruit from anywhere in NZ. We predominantly service Wairarapa growers as well as Kapiti, Wanganui, Wellington, Manawatu and Hawke’s Bay. Our press is capable of processing 1,500 kilos of olives per hour and produces the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Grove Management, Leasing & Contracting

Is your grove getting you down? Too busy or can’t be bothered any more? The Olive Press offers a variety of services designed to help you get your life back! From full lease or management contracts to a one-off spraying, weeding or pruning session, we can help you out. Further details here.

Bottling & Storage

The Olive Press company also offers other services such as bottling and oil storage at our Wairarapa facility. You can find details here.